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Ana Oosting

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

After earning a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from the University of Amsterdam, Ana Oosting (1985) graduated from the Rietveld in 2015. In 2019, she received her masters in ArtScience from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Her kinetic sculptures are inspired by her fascination for all living things and passion for materials.

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Artistikoi Productions

Photographer / Website

Tikoi Kuitenbrouwer (1977) completed his studies in photography at the academy in Maastricht in 2002. To keep his photography autonomous, he focused on making short films for television, music videos and visual teaching materials. Currently, he works primarily as a set designer and there is room again to give photography a more prominent role.

Using his iPhone, Tikoi intuitively creates double shot portraits. Besides the basic ingredients, the subject, composition and story, coincidence also plays a major role in his photographs.

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Bierma Theater Techniek

Special props and set builder / Website

Kees Bierma develops and builds sets and special props for film, advertising, theater and museums. He is a specialist in the mechanical aspects of effects used on the film set. At Het Domijn he has a workshop where there is enough space for pre-construction of film/theater sets.

He has worked on: Baantjer, Soof , Marionette, Lyrebird, Brimstone, Wiplala, Das Wad, Soof, Oorlogswinter, Zwartboek, Sint, New Kids Nitro, Loft, De bende van Oss, Koning van Katoren, Leger Museum Delft, Museum Broekerveiling.

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Boogert Fotografie

Photographer / Website / E-mail

Henny Boogert (1962) began his photography specialisation at the Rietveld Academy in 1983. His work is characterised by his process, in which action and dynamics play an important role. In many of his photographs we see people in motion, without glamour, with emphasis on the purity of the action and the emotions and facial expressions associated with it.

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Car Casting Holland

Casting of vehicles for film and TV / Website

Car Casting Holland has been supplying vehicles to film and TV for about 25 years.

It all started in a small shed on Het Domijn with the preparation of stunt cars for the program “12 Cities 13 Accidents” and has grown into a renowned company in the Dutch and international film industry. Besides stunt cars we mainly supply cars that play a part in movies, commercials and photo shoots.

To register your car, please refer to the website.

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Claudine Arendt

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

Claudine Arendt is about the oddity of life, the comical, the surprise and the suspense, be it through sculpture, drawing or writing. For an excursion into a world of sneezing sculptures, hovering walls and much more, visit her website.

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Design, rental and operation of mobile theaters / Website

Our theaters have been all over the world, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Dublin, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels,Toronto, Montreal, Wellington, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and many other places.

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David Galjaard

Photographer / Website / E-mail

David Galjaard (1983) graduated as a photographer from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2006. Since then he has worked as a documentary photographer, including freelance work for various Dutch newspapers and magazines. His self-initiated projects have been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally.

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De Langzame Mannen

The Slow Men are time travellers, dealers in illusion. Their main feat is Fat Bertha, a Victorian-looking, coal-fired espresso machine. They take you back to the days of the industrial revolution. When soot clouds obscured the sun and men were made of steel. Coffee was black gold, which now still flows from Fat Bertha.

At the moment the Slow Men are preparing time travelling trips to the Middle Ages, colonial South America and the court of Louis XV.

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De Nieuwe Admiraal

Custom interior and furniture design and execution / Website / E-mail

At The New Admiral you can find all kinds of interior design services. From interior design, to the design and manufacture of objects such as tables, cabinets, desks, kitchen components or an elaborate custom wall unit. Quality, inventiveness and highly personalised customer contact are our core values.

We work with solid materials and joints. So our objects can take a beating. What we want is for a piece of furniture to be a durable purchase that will last for generations. Therefore, we are currently working towards designs that you can adapt over time, expand or use differently later by applying flexible parts.

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De Opera BV

Tent Rental / Website

We are a company that rents tents for festive events and special occasions. Nationally and internationally, for large and small parties. In 1985 we started small with the rental of a single  festival tent, designed by founder Willem Hol. Since then we have grown into a professional company with six beautiful nostalgic tents.

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Electric Circus

Street and puppet theater / Website

Electric Circus is a collaboration between inventor Fred Abels and puppeteer Mirjam Langemeijer. They have been exploring new approaches to puppetry since 2004 and are pioneers in the field. By combining modern techniques such as animatronics together with pure puppetry, they create a unique form of theater. They are invited all over the world with their lifelike creations.

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Firma Traktor

Festivals and event organisation, tent rental / Website / E-mail

Firma Traktor exists for over thirty years and was at the cradle of the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (1984-1988), the first traveling theater festival that took place in tents. Firma Traktor organises festivals and events. The Parade, as the successor to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, is one of them. Firma Traktor also rents out tents for theater, festivals and parties. Their beautiful tents come with a special atmosphere, can be built at interesting locations, possible programming and tables or other Firma Traktor material are also available.

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Haas Metaal

Metal Worker / Website

Sacha de Haas has been working at Het Domijn since 1993, building his metal objects for designers, artists and individuals. He also gives occasional forging workshops for children as young as 8 years old.

His workshop has a plate shear (2000x 5), press brake, forge, profile and plate roller and various other machines.

The (bird) cages shown were commissioned by The Wunderkammer.

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Timber construction / Website

Temporary structures at festivals and events.

Models, (garden) furniture, summer kitchens, conservatories, interiors.

Rental of theater tents



Musician, brass and metal wind instrument builder / E-mail

Heiko runs Domijn Studio; a recording and rehearsal studio for music, cabaret and theater. A place where music of various genres is composed, arranged, rehearsed and produced. He also works as a metal wind instrument builder and repairer for Atelier Pfeiffer.

From 1997 – 2002 Heiko studied trumpet jazz/light music at the Hilversum Conservatory and the Conservatory of Amsterdam and has since then worked with various jazz, pop and latin formations, big bands and theater productions such as the Tiny Little Bigband; Amsterdam Klezmerband; La Ritmica, Bernie’s Lounge; FP La Banda, Barrio Nuevo and De Parade, among others.

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Dramatist / Website / E-mail

Jos van Wees is proud to have experience as a theater maker of large outdoor shows, of technical theater, of comedies, of verbal theater with semi-improvised structure, of spectacular circus and stunt elements but also small-scale street theater. His work is physical and above all humorous and clownish.

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Visual Artists / Website / E-mail

Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker, visual artists.

National and international exhibitions, including Paris, London, Milan, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, New York and Vancouver.

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Art historical research, visual arts

Author of a.o. Monograph Otto van Rees. Guest curator/consultant for museums a.o. Singer Museum; Museum De Wieger; Vincent van Gogh house; National Gallery of Art, Washington; Museum of Modern Art, New York.

She also edits, writes, and consults for publications. For example Kees van Dongen; Schilders Laren; Dada New York/Paris; Om Hart en Vurigheid; l’ Histoire de l’ Académie Carrière; Des Femmes, Dictionaire des créatrices; Hut Mondriaan 1914-1919. Lectures.

Free work: mainly collage, with a focus on the visual arts. In a new context, these take on new meaning.

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Jan van Witteveen

Steelwork, woodwork, theater tents, decor, mobile catering and more!

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Theater maker and visual artist / Website

Johannes Bellinkx graduated in 2013 as a performer and maker from the Mime Opleiding of the Amsterdam Theatre School.

Johannes creates work at the intersection of theater and visual art, which always finds a connection with its location. He participated in the Atelier Oerol/ Overhet IJ in 2014. In 2015, Bellinkx developed the project Framing with which he put himself on the map internationally. He received a stipend from the AFK in 2016 for an artist in residency in Amsterdam Noord.

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Image-makers / Website / E-mail

LABland is a collective of three image-makers; Juul Dekker, Sofie Doeland and Roos Matla. The three of them invent, design and build theatrical installations on the border of visual art and theater, in which the audience often literally enters the work. In addition to LABland, all three makers also work separately from each other as designers/makers/builders for theater, festivals, museums, etc. LABland shares their workshop at Het Domijn with Ali Ben Horsting, actor and furniture maker.

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Leon de Bruijne

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

Artist Leon de Bruijne (NL, 1992) makes moving sculptures and performances. His machines, which are often large and noisy, are made up of objects from everyday life that are put to the test. The works playfully confront our efficiently technologised society. His ‘Christmas tree cannon’ is brought out every year to herald the New Year in absurd ways. Leon obtained a Master of Fine Arts at the KASK in Ghent.

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My work is about places and areas, their genesis and transformations. The starting point is (cultural-historical) research into the region. Findings from archives, maps, literature, observations and interviews are visually translated into illustrations, material tests, models and temporary installations on location. A visual library of objects and models is created that contributes to telling the story of the research area.

The final result is a translation of the research into an appealing on-site sculpture or object that conveys a tangible story about the area.

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Maaike Fransen

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

Maaike Fransen (b. 1987) is a multidisciplinary artist who dreams with her hands. Her work takes place at the intersection between fashion, design, performance and film. Using found materials as a basis, she makes hybrid objects that are somewhere between functional objects and autonomous sculptures, often with the human body as a starting point. These objects are then used in performances and films, in which Fransen both places herself at the centre of her work and tries to disappear into it. Central to her work are personal and topical themes such as social engineering, individualisation, and the tension between the desire for freedom and the need for security. The question of how art and life, work and being, can coincide, runs like a red thread through her oeuvre.

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/ E-mail

Martijn van Oosterom has been making furniture and interiors on commission for individuals and companies since 1992. He also creates his own designs. When working on commission, he is able to merge the client’s wishes and ideas into a design. It is then executed with love and care.

For more information you can call: 06 14458889

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Merel Kamp

Visual performances / Website / E-mail

Merel Kamp creates visual theatre performances; solo or in collaboration with others. She has performed at numerous festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Merel Kamp’s work is characterized by a strong visual language, telling a story with a single image.

She graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2005, majoring in Theatre Design. During her studies she started performing with theatregroup Tuig. After her graduation she participated in several performances of other theatre groups in addition to her own work.



Niels de Groot

Painter / Website / E-mail

In 1991, Niels de Groot (Hoevelaken, 1966) graduated from the renowned Rijks Hogeschool voor de Kunst in Brussels.

Besides decorative commissions, such as painting a trompe l’oeil, marble and wood imitations and murals, he spends most of his time in his own studio at Het Domijn. There he paints his expressive landscapes (free and on commission) in which his own style is clearly recognisable. His passion is painting ‘plein air’ landscapes.

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Peter ter Maten

Besides free work as an independent artist, I also make sculptures on commission.

I was taught the art of sculpting in marble in Italy from the old masters who passed on their craft for generations. Thus, I was trained as an Italian classical sculptor. Besides my own work, I teach sculpture. The fun part of sculpting is doing it.

For more information and an overview of my work, I invite you to visit my website.

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Platform Nexus

Interdisciplinary Collective / Website / E-mail

Rachel Schuit, Goda Žukauskaitė, Tamar Blom, Han Ruiz Buhrs and Neal Groot. We are Nexus.

We are a group of 6 makers from different disciplines who have come together to create a creative platform. We are all installation and performance makers whose starting points are body and space. This way we move between theatre, dance and visual art. Our space at Het Domijn is not just workspace, studio or workshop. We see it as a breeding ground, a home for creativity and experimentation. A place where making crosses thinking and spatiality becomes a physical subject.

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Rob Birza

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

After finishing the Sint Joost Academy in Breda, I completed the Ateliers, where I am now a supervisor. I mainly make paintings but also installations and sculptures. My work mostly takes place at the intersection of figuration and abstraction. Transformation is a connecting element, the unstable position between two stages, the place where high and low, beautiful and ugly coincide.

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Rob Thijssen

To work freely as a visual artist, Rob Thijssen has always taken on work as a designer ( architectural- interior,- furniture- and graphic).  This is an excellent combination: the art becomes more effective; the designs freer.

He is also a driving force of the Art in Redlight Foundation (, which, among other things, organises the annual modern art fair “This art Fair” in the Beurs van Berlage in the heart of Amsterdam.

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Visual Artist / Website

Examples of the work he has created include: an interactive projection on the floor with sound, a ‘social musical instrument’ that uses the electrical conduction of skin, a chalk robot that draws on pavement, kinetic light art and video projections on an architectural scale.

Although this kind of work is mostly created by technological means, he does not find the technology itself particularly interesting. It is about the search for what can be created using contemporary resources for artistic experience.

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Studio Smeerolie

Story collector and encounter creator / Website / E-mail

Studio Smeerolie (grease) collects stories and creates encounters. She makes objects that provoke conversations, organises food installations that make you experience taste differently and designs disruptive ‘services’. Think of a ‘critical notes song’ composed by people with disabilities, a one-pig dinner with stories from head to tail and a living answering machine for mobile phones.

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Tessa Hendriks works community-based and site-specific. With whatever and whoever is available on site, she creates treehouse-like social sculptures. She uses the tree house as a medium to explore her environment.

As a teaching artist, she makes temporary workshops to create spaces where senses, hands and imagination can work together to construct new possibilities with others.

Her ongoing research into how children build, fail, improvise, play and endlessly make, is the source of her work.

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Theater Group WAK

Theatre group WAK creates physical visual theatre performances.

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Thijs Wieman

Visual Artist / Website / E-mail

Multidisciplinary, autonomous artist Thijs Wieman makes installations, videos and drawings. He also teaches and has worked many years as a theater maker.

Wieman uses sampling in both his installations and drawings. He takes fragments of existing, sometimes recognisable images out of their context and merges them into a new work. As a result, the images enter into a new relationship with each other from which new meaning might arise.

“I take advantage of our need for an understandable story, but in the elaborately detailed image, I want to leave meaning in the dark.”

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Designer and creator of interior projects / Website

Wouter van Oosterom has been based at the Domijn for over 20 years, as an independent designer and creator of modern interior projects. His strength is translating clients’ requirements and wishes into sustainable and inspiring interior designs. Besides private clients, he has realised interior projects for companies including the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Stadsherstel. For more information, please visit his website

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At the back of Het Domijn, on Kanaalpad, is the studio of Victor’s Wood ‘n Stuff located. Victor and Wies have been making a variety of products for hospitality, film and theatre from various materials such as wood and fabric since 1989.