The Guest Studio

Cooperation Het Domijn is making a guest studio available in the former boiler house. This cottage is located in the middle of the grounds, is detached and has several separate rooms.

The Ketelhuis is suitable for a wide range of projects of varying duration, from several months to 1 day. The space offers opportunities for all kinds of activities, including: studio, photography, meeting room, workshop location, project space, and more. Amid the lush greenery of Het Domijn, surrounded by the creative people working there every day, it is a place that will offer both seclusion and inspiration.

The Ketelhuis is divided into five parts:

1: large room incl. kitchenette and fireplace, 29 m2

2: mezzanine, 14 m2

3: atelier, 15 m2

4: small room, 8 m2

5: bathroom & toilet, 7 m2

Together a total of 77 m2

The cottage is minimally furnished, but this can be changed in consultation.

If you are interested in booking guest studio ‘Het Ketelhuis’, please send an email to: