The Cooporation

The cooperation lets

creative activity thrive

for future generations

to come

Cooperation Het Domijn U.A. consists of about forty members, all of whom have creative professions. Visual arts, photography, visual communication, theater, literature, set construction, furniture design and execution, metalworking, architecture, music, etc. In short everything from autonomous arts, applied arts, performing arts, crafts to the support of those disciplines.

Cooperation Het Domijn has issued certificates to finance the renovation of the buildings.

The current Cooperation Het Domijn U.A., in line with the old association Het Domijn, has as its core task is to maintain the working estate for creative activities for the benefit of its members for now, and for future generations. Our plot of land may not be subdivided. By purchasing the land with the buildings and by keeping development in its own hands, the cooperation can best achieve these objectives. It can invest in its own future and continue to provide space for social and cultural development. The number of members can be expanded and the forest is closely monitored. We continue to strive for a varied membership base and a diverse use of the buildings and grounds.


This unique setup has demonstrated that it offers great opportunities in economic, social, ecological and cultural terms, both for the members of the cooperative and for society.

The cooperation as a new legal entity, holds the same democratic values as the old association, with the General Members Meeting remaining the supreme decision making body. In this way a strong democratic tradition is maintained. Objectives are monitored by the members. The board of the cooperation is exclusively made up of members of the cooperation. There is an additional Supervisory Board, charged with monitoring the objectives. They regularly check the actions of the board. The majority of this Supervisory Board consists of non-members of the cooperation. 

Het Domijn characterises itself as an entrepreneurial cooperation in which the members work independently. They contribute to the maintenance of the cooperations grounds and buildings. This is also in the interest of the cultural objectives that have been synonymous with the concept of Het Domijn for many years. Over the past twenty years, this has created a working community with a lot of cohesion between its members and interesting interdisciplinary collaborations.