Het Domijn
At a beautiful location,
Surrounded by green,
Lies a creative work estate;
Het Domijn

The Cooperation ‘Het Domijn’ U.A. is populated by about forty members, all of whom work in a creative field. Visual arts, photography, visual communication, theater, literature, set design, furniture design and execution, metalwork, architecture, music, etc.,

In short: autonomous arts, applied arts, performing arts and those that support these varied disciplines.

News 12/02/24

Het Domijn in Het Parool

There was a beautiful piece in Het Parool on the 10th of February, in which Sara Luijters sketches a portrait of Het Domijn. A number of members, those who were present at the start of it all and fresh new faces, explain why Het Domijn is such a special place.

News 17/12/23

Studio space becoming available – 99m2

Cooperation Het Domijn is looking for a new member for its fantastic space E4 (99m2) starting February 1st. The deadline to apply is January 2nd.

See the entire ad on Het Domijn’s Facebook page





The Guest Studio

Cooperation Het Domijn is making a guest studio available in the former boiler house.